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CEO Column

Celebrating 2014 with a welcome for 2015

It is no cliché to say, the success we recorded this year would never have happened without GOD first.
This success also would not have happened without you.
As a company, we pride ourselves as the underdog not because of our recent entrance into the region but for the committed focus we have on quality and safety standard compliance. You made calls, visited clients and invested time on our initiatives and campaign to ensure opportunities were given to us.

On behalf of our board of directors, advisory board members, management and staff, I want to thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart. As we prepare for the coming year, let us pause to celebrate all our customers who provided the opportunities we are privileged to celebrate this period.

In the space of these few years, we have grown and matured to a position of repute and recognition as the go to company for all Cathodic Protection Systems, Marine Chemicals, Lubricants, Spill & Recovery System Deployment, Oilfield Tools & Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment.

I humbly and gladly announce to you that we have recorded zero incidence in all our locations and zero return or rejection on any of our products.
At this point, I want us to pause and celebrate our partners and manufacturers whose suppoort and commitment to quality production has greatly contributed to the brand of company we have become and will remain.

I also want to pause and thank out very valuable employees. Our celebration marks the time to get to work, supporting our clients and a season of bridge building across the region with a determination to harness Africa for safety and a refocus of our vision of protecting our region against pollution from poor quality standards on safety.

I promise to do everything I can to make you proud of the work that I continue to do as your Group Chief Executive Officer. I thank you for your support and for your commitment to your vision.

Warmly yours,

Sir (Nze) Franklin .C. Ojukwu (Snr)
Goshen Services Group, LLC (NA)
Tel: 240-912-9666
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Fax: 301-768-4254