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Goshen Services Group, NA Inc. Is a parent company and principally a project management consulting firm with service solutions in the following areas;

  • Project Management Consults
  • Environmental Management Consults
  • Safety Compliance Solutions
  • Business Development Solutions

Our subsidiary companies are product and solution specific and these include;

Goshen Integrated Supplies Limited, which is an integration of franchises for Walls Industries, FR Industries, Riverline Ergonomics and is a West and Central Africa strategic partner on the new global safety solution. Under this company our products include Logistics that provide real-world  directives in assisting a company align its supply chain with its(overall) business strategy, Consulting Services in business distribution and supply chain development, and Industry Solutions in Safety Equipment Distribution, Oil Servicing Operations Support, Logistic Services and Project Management Consulting with special emphasis on Environmental Management, Facility and Equipment acquisition in the Energy, Oil and Gas sector. Our line of safety and personal protective equipment are all on the new worldwide Work Wear Solution which is the world set standard on personal protective gears products.

Agoshen Oil & Marine Services Limited are suppliers of finished petroleum and liquefied natural gas.
Our in house fleet ensure your deliveries are handled swiftly and reliably.

Goshen Marine Services is a North American based corporation with licensed expertise in marine equipment and vessel acquisitions. Our team of experts bring over 80 years of combined experience in vessel leasing and Sales, inspection and dry-dock project services. Because we value your service engagement timelines, through Goshen Marine, you save contractual time for an early delivery at the most convenient value.

Goshen Industries Limited, we own the KUO60 and Chinochi Red brand of wines. Our grapes come from the Mauley Valley and Segrada familia of Chile, in South America and vinicated in the best wineyards for red wines.
With the purity of the pacific ocean our products tower amongst the best in the world producing top quality grapes that add value to either your meal and wine.

For a taste of sweet in a red and less acidity in a wine, choose the chinochi brand of wine coming to a store near you

Goshen Services Group NA, Inc., is affiliated to the following organizations.

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